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Privacy Policy

The National Privacy Principles had amended to include the Private Sectors Organizations, requiring the organizations to comply with the principals that offer guidelines for the use, collection, security, storage and disclosure of the sensitive and personal data. The individuals have the right to acquire information about what the organization holds regarding their identity.

Your Personal Information is Important to Us

H&H Quality Construction LLC is committed to give protection to your privacy, as we recognize you have the right to take control of the way your personal and sensitive information is collected and used. We fully understand that providing us your personal identity apparently manifesting that you trust us and we take it in a serious manner. H&H Quality Construction LLC bound by the National Privacy Principles.

Collecting Data about Your Identity

H&H Quality Construction LLC will only need to collect necessary data regarding your identity for the main purpose of conducting the business.

Using and Disclosing Your Sensitive Data

Any of the personal and sensitive information you provided to us is solely used for a purpose given. It will not be sold, shared or given to other third parties unless it is required or authorized under an exemption that is set out in the Privacy Act.

Storage and Security of Your Personal Information

H&H Quality Construction LLC will take all steps in order to keep your personal data protected against loss, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or misuse.

Quality of Personal Information

We will ensure that all your personal information is complete, accurate and updated. Feel free to get in touch with us if you see any changes in the personal information you provided to us. We will quickly make a related effort to correct the data.

Access to Personal Data

You may request an access to the personal data we hold regarding your identity. This is subjected to some expectations, which are allowed by the law. For you to request an access, you can contact us. Small charge can possibly be applied depending on the complexity of the request.

Privacy Policy Review

We will take time to always review as well as revise our policies. We reserve the right to create some modifications and changes to the privacy policy that we have any time.
If you have any questions or feedbacks towards our privacy policy and privacy practices, feel free to call us. In addition, if you have privacy complaint, you can also reach us.